To market , to market 2011

Yes, it’s that time of year again…the beginning of the farmers’ market season!   Boy how time flies!

Having just finished the 4 days at the Canada Agricultural Museum, Central Experimental Farm over the Easter weekend it’s time to go full stem into spudding.  The weekend was a good time to shake out all of the cobwebs of the winter and get that spud MOJO back….and we did!  It was a perfect weather weekend (a little rain on Saturday) but sunshine most of the rest of the weekend.   Plus it was the first event we used our new truck.   The purple trailer, our beloved purple trailer,  has been sort of retired and used as backup and storage.

This year we have decided to concentrate on one farmers’ market…the Ottawa Farmers’ Market at Lansdowne Park on Bank Street, open each Sunday (8am to 3pm) from May 1 to the end of October, if construction starts at the park, or the end of November if it doesn’t.   Lansdowne Park is being redeveloped to include shops, offices, condos, hotel, cinema, a new football stadium and a permanent site for the Ottawa Farmers’ Market.  It’s all very exciting!

We have been busy over the winter working on the menu and the business.   We’re adding more delicious items straight from the local farmers and producers.   It’s important to us to support the local business community.  It just seems right!   They support us!

  • We have been working with a local coffee roaster Happy Goat Coffee Company to develop a “HOT POTATO” blend of coffee.  It’s a blend of African dark style roast and Central American medium style roast creating a unique and flavourful coffee.  Only available at the Hot Potato Company!   We are pumped!
  • A local farmer, Foster Family Farm in North Gower, will be growing potatoes just for us!   This is particulary exciting and interesting for us because our baked potatoes and wedges will be as fresh and local as possible!  We will be proud to bake and sell these babies!
  • We will be sourcing more varieties of local cheese from producer St.Alberts Cheese Co-operative   , to add more zing and variety to the baked spuds and wedges.
  • Roots and Shoots  will be providing alot of the fresh organic veggies for the spud/wedges toppings and dips.
  • Look out for new menu items such as sweet potato wedges, salads and new unusual toppings…let your taste experience  imagination sore!

This post has turned into a novel….so much going on!

More coming…stay tuned me Spud’eads!

– til then.

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