Time to catch up!


Its been awhile since this Spud’ead logged into BlogLand.  We have been keeping in touch mainly via facebook  The Hot Potato Company and twitter @hotpotatotruck.

Our last outing, Winterlude, didn’t turn out the best, but we had 1.5 good weekends out of 3.  Thanks to everybody who dropped by the truck on the ice.  It’s funny because when we pulled out, we decided to use the ramp at Fifth Avenue because it is flatter.  So here we were driving down the canal from Concorde to Fifth Ave. (about 3-5 km), a food truck and a van (towing the potato oven), just like the Ice Road Truckers on tv, or at least it felt like that!

It’s Easter weekend coming up and that means we will be at Canada Agriculture Museum, situated at the Experimental Farm in Canada’s Capital City, Ottawa.  So, grab the family and friends, and drop by the farm in the city.  The weather’s going to be excellent!

If you have been following the news re: the redevelopment of Lansdowne Park, then you know the Ottawa Farmers’ Market  (our semi-regular gig, every Sunday, during the summer) will be moving to Brewer Park while the construction takes place.  The market opens at Brewer Park, on Bronson Ave. May 6th.  BUT, to say goodbye to the Aberdeen Pavilion and Lansdowne Park, there will be a Spring Market on Sunday, April 15th from 9 til 3pm.  It will be much like the Christmas market that was a huge success.  Hope to see you there!

Thats it for now Spud’eads.  Enjoy!

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