SPU-LOG (Spud Blog)

Just wanted to let all our spud ‘eads know that we will NOT be at the experimental farm for Easter! 

YES we know, can’t imagine Easter and NOT being at the farm. Unfortunately after 14 years of being “the food” at the farm, another company apparently did a deal…and that’s it we’re done!  All’s fair in love and spuds we guess…well maybe not fair, but onwards and spudwards! 

We had a great time there, and have made many friends, and hopefully, loyal customers who will find us at all our other locations!

So locations, locations ……we have great and exciting things planned for the year ahead!

From May 1st you can find us every Thursday and Friday, 10am til 5pm,  baking on the street at Spark Street Farmers’ Market

with our Victorian baking oven. Drop by for lunch! 

Saturday will see us baking at Westboro Farmers’ Market, and Sundays at Brewer Park Farmers’ Market…busy, busy, busy!

We also will have the spud truck out at other locations (to be announced!) selling our delicious freshly baked spuds, wedges and of course our range of pasties! 

Follow us on twitter/facebook and our spu-log, to see where you can pick up a freshly baked pasty or potato!


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