It’s spring…Go outside!

cart at lansdowne

Where’s the….beef?

Not from us!

To celebrate our upcoming 20th anniversary of The Hot Potato Co. we’ve decided to take an epic leap of faith, and do what we feel is right.

We will no longer be selling meat or dairy from any of our venues. We have based our business on traditional British foods, which we have sold at farmers’ markets and from our food truck all over Ottawa, and the surrounding area. We always try and source locally, or grow it ourselves. We love being at market, and it is a thriving family business that we have all worked hard at over the past 20 years!
We will continue to do this, but will have fun offering you alternatives of our usual menu!  So our HPC poutine will have its usual vegan/gluten free gravy and vegan cheese. We will be offering a special of the week, also cooked fresh in our oven at market. It’s exciting, scary and exhilarating all at the same time! And we cannot do any of this with out you!

That being said, please spread the word to all your veggie/vegan friends!
We need to see that there is a demand for what we are doing, to keep our business going. We know in our hearts it’s the only way, moving forward. Our personal beliefs will not allow us to sell meat or dairy. We can’t wait to showcase lots of great tasting food that comes from great local sources. We will cater to anyone wanting to enjoy great tasting, fresh food. Pure, simple and fresh.. we hope to see you at market!

All kicks off at the Ottawa Farmers’ Market May 6th. Westboro on May 12th and wherever you see our truck!

Hope you’re part of our journey!

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