pasty onWanting to increase our product range of traditional British food on the go, we give you *drum roll* 


pronounced PASS-TEE.

pasty2A hand held pie thought to have originated in the county of Cornwall, England by tin miners’ wives as a hot meal.  Special crimping not only seals the pie, but provides a convenient handle for those dirty hands at meal time.  As the miners migrated around the world, pasties in various forms can be found in Australia, Mexico and Up State Michigan.




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  1. Newt says:

    Your “traditional cornish” pasty was made from ground meat and full of what tasted like italian herbs. Completely different to a british recipe, must be a Michigan style pie.

  2. André Purenne says:

    I had the Cornish Pasty at Farmers’ Market, EY Center, Ottawa. It was simply the best meat pie I ever had. Filled with big, nice chunks of beef, perfectly cooked – so tender!, and topped with brown sauce and a side of chili. So comforting !

    1. spudsite says:

      Gee thanks!
      Have you been to the Market at Lansdowne?
      This week we will be in the Hort. Building from 10 am til 3pm.

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