about us

out and about, baking at farmers’ markets, festivals, highland games and fairs

We started our journey into the world of SPUDS and mobile catering about 20 years ago.

The Oven

We realised there was a need for better healthier food in the festival and event market.

We travel the Ottawa valley and sometimes outside of it, baking and selling our delicious baked potatoes, wedges and Cornish style pasties along with crepes at some locations.

this is our truck…if you see us around town, give us a wave!

To say we are obsessed with hot potatoes, would be an understatement!   We live, breath, and sometimes dream…HOT POTATOES!  Some would say it is a sickness…but through this passion, we get a great deal of satisfaction cooking and serving hot potatoes to you, our valued customers!

We can be found baking and selling our delicious hot potatoes from our converted Grumman food truck or more recently with our distinctive Victorian Baking Oven, imported from the U.K.