drop by any of our locations and say hi.

Contact info:

The Hot Potato Company

Christina and Greg Leese

mailing address:

P. O. Box 87 Main Street Osgoode

Osgoode, ON, K0A 2W0


tel: 613 601 6205


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  1. Good Afternoon Greg & Christina,

    How are you?

    I stumbled across your website this afternoon when I was looking for food vendors in regards to our event, The Beach BBQ and Brews Festival.

    Have you ever done events before?

    If someone could get back to me that would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you so much,

    Jodi Sellers
    Account Manager
    Eventrix Partnership Inc.

  2. Richard Ware says:

    would love to do just this in and around fesitvals in Maine, USA, plus at a winter park , ice skatting rink near , would love to talk to you about your operation, wonder how much money to get this up and running , I already do some fairs( beef jerky) , but long been eyeing spuds, certainly done at all the big shows in New England , but many shows i do and don’t see potatoes , besides greasy fried stuff certainly not baked , like that other items like the pot pies could be done as well, chestnuts …I would not be competing with you, would even pay you a consulting fee to help me walk thru various consideration i have with this, i have 2004 brochure of the Big ben oven, could i perhaps see your operation ,? think Ottwa is about 350 miles or so from me here in Maine , this isn’t someting I’m going to be rushing into ,

    1. spudsite says:

      Hi Richard

      Sorry for the delay.
      We would be happy to help you out.
      We are usually closed for the winter months, but this year we are venturing out onto a frozen canal for 3 weekends for Ottawa’s Winterlude…winter festival in our city.

      We can help with the purchase and importation of the Big Ben ovens into the US.

      We have been using a Big Ben for 4 years with great success.

      Let me know if you need any other info.



      1. Richard Ware says:

        Thanks for the reply, I recently got the passport , so can come up and see your operation, maybe this summer, like the look of that big farmers market you do, maybe see you there, ..discuss the import, ect, I have my hands full doing something else right now , and have to go out to the mid -west for the summer , so don’t see myself doing this till next year, just the research, getting a feel for what is involved, looks like would have to have a licensed food truck, or serperate kitchen in home to make the condiments, toppings , pot pies ect, talking with the State of Maine now …plenty of shows though that i think this would be great at . want to be just doing local shows , or Maine and New Hampshire events, , looking forward to talking with you

  3. we are hosting a company lunch on Thursday, Feb 3rd. We will have between 80-90 employees that we would like to feed lunch. Howe much would it be to get the Hotpotato to come to the office? I would like a per person quote.
    The office is located in downtown Hull.


    Julie Schwartz

    1. spudsite says:

      Hi Julie

      Unfortunately we can’t do that date. We are on the canal for Winterlude.
      Any other time and we would love to feed your colleagues!
      If another date is available please contact us.


      Christina Leese
      The Hot Potato Co.

  4. Lynn Noel says:

    Hi Christina and Greg, Just saw you on CTV morning show from the Rideau Canal – awesome and definitely will be coming down over Winterlude to try your tasty spuds. I work for the Children’s Wish Foundation here in Ottawa and would love to chat / explore with you how we might do a charity event once your busy winterlude season is over. Looking forward to discussing how we might engage your participation for an exciting corporate fundraising event at Mooney’s Bay on Thursday, June 28th 2012.
    My email is and would love to have the opportunity to explore the possibilities ! Thanks and have a great Winterlude !

    Lynn Noel

    1. spudsite says:

      Hi Lynn

      Yes, Winterlude did kind of wimper out…ah well!

      We are interested in getting involved in Children’s Wish Foundation.

      Please call 613-826-0725 or e-mail and we can chat.


      Christina Leese

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